Our Team

Our dedicated and passionate team is focused on growing and establishing the Waterloo Business Review in the Waterloo and Kitchener business community.

Waterloo Business Review empowers our team through our emphasis on creative freedom, professinoal development of research and communication skills, and our culture of entrepreneurship and growth as we nuture members to adopt positions of greater responsibility and leadership.

Left to right, top to bottom: Andrew Dai, Waleed Khalid, Katrina Hermanns, Sanovar Singh Bajwa, Chiranjeev Beniwal, Muhammad Sadiq

Left to right, top to bottom: Roberto Barbaran Jr., Leo Chen, Smriti Sharma, Anjing Li, Grace Fan

Left to right, top to bottom: Lynn Zhu, Zia Baig, Amy Li, Victoria Ross, Hita Vaizers, Diane Xiong, Devena Mohabir